Year 9 Residential | Newsletter

In early July, I went on a residential to Paris with other Year 9 pupils. It was a three day trip filled with lots of exciting things to do and see.

We went on a river cruise, visited the Louvre museum, Montmartre (a village in Paris), the Parisian catacombs and the Palace of Versailles, among other things. My favourite part was the river cruise on the Seine because we passed many historical landmarks like the Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower, which was amazing to see in real life because it was so tall. It was also enjoyable because the weather in Paris was lovely and warm. Visiting the Louvre and the Palace of Versailles was very interesting as both places are rich with history. I learnt lots about Paris during these visits, including why the French revolution began. The buildings decorated fancily (even the ceilings had artwork on them). The shops at Montmartre were really nice to visit and we brought souvenirs to take home. The trip was a good opportunity to practice speaking French – even if it was quite difficult at first! The animateur and teachers were all very helpful, making the trip even better.

Overall, the trip was really fun and enjoyable. I made some memories that’ll last forever.

Amy Cassidy