& Punctuality

Students are expected to attend school punctually at 8.35am every day, regardless of whether the first period of the day is a taught lesson. Registration is face-to-face, with the form tutor at 8.35am. In the afternoon, girls register at 1.50pm in their lesson, or, if this is a study period, with a member of staff in a designated location.

The strong links between rates of school attendance and exam results are just as true in the 6th Form as they are in Years 7-11. For this reason, attendance is monitored very closely and families are contacted where concerns arise.

There are no lessons for 6th Formers on Wednesday afternoons, and they are expected to be off site engaged in a wide range of enrichment: subject masterclasses or taster days at local Universities, for example, or volunteering/work experience to develop their knowledge of careers.

Over time in the 6th Form we give students more independence to choose where to study, though this is conditional on good attendance in the first place. After Christmas of Year 12, most students are given the opportunity to study at home if they have a study period last lesson (2.45pm). In Year 13, girls are offered the opportunity to take one full afternoon per fortnight to study at home, timetable permitting. These privileges can be awarded and revoked in the light of attendance, behaviour and grades.