Amy Whitall



Having completed a Theology degree at the University of Nottingham, I began my teaching career in a large comprehensive school teaching Religious Education. My senior leadership experience has been within the selective sector at another school within the Schools of King Edward VI Foundation.

I am particularly interested in teaching and learning, staff professional development and believe that education can transform the lives of students to allow them to achieve their ambitions. A broad and balanced curriculum, along with a rich extra curricular provision allows students to develop as well-rounded, confident students with tolerance and integrity, ready for the challenges and opportunities they will face after they leave the school.

Jackie Kendall



Having thoroughly enjoyed my time studying for a Joint Honours degree in Mathematics and Physics at The University of Nottingham, I decided to stay there to complete a PGCE course before starting my teaching career at a Secondary Modern school in Kent.

Returning to the Midlands, moving into the selective sector as a Mathematics teacher at KE Handsworth 1993 – 2006 gradually taking on additional responsibilities for Duke of Edinburgh, Data analysis and after promotions to Head of Mathematics and Assistant Head at another local school, I was delighted to return to KE Handsworth as Deputy Head in September 2013.

Throughout my career I have been interested in assessment, curriculum design and data analysis, although since taking up post here I have overseen a variety of other operational areas around school.

I enjoy all the Performing Arts events in school, supporting music residentials and even occasionally dusting the cobwebs off my clarinet to join in. Relaxing is a mixture of family excursions such as skiing, visiting National Trust properties and tandem rides, to more “me time” activities such as needlecraft and baking. I am always in awe of all the additional skills students here acquire away from the classroom, whether through school opportunities or by grasping those on offer locally and nationally.



I graduated from the University of Leeds with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and Classics. Before joining King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls, I enjoyed roles as Head of Year 9, Head of Year 11 and Head of Religious Education at a large comprehensive school in Staffordshire. I joined King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls in 2006 and have been a member of the School’s Senior Leadership Team since 2009.

As Deputy Head I have been responsible for pastoral care, teaching and learning and safeguarding.
I still love and teach Religious Studies and am keen to remain in the classroom to keep up to date with exciting developments in Learning and Teaching. I am interested in helping students to develop effective habits for learning which gives them the confidence and flexibility to cope in different situations. I am also interested in nurturing a growth mindset approach to learning, encouraging students to act upon feedback and learn from mistakes.

Nicolas Heppel



I read Music at The Queen’s College, Oxford and then took an MA in History at Durham. My teaching experience has taken me from Manchester to East Anglia and now to Birmingham, and I was Head of Music here at King Edward VI Handsworth for several years before taking up my present post.

My chief interests are in how students learn and in how they can acquire the habits of mind which will make them thoughtful and positive contributors to society in the future. I am very excited to be able to support students from so many backgrounds make the step up to A-Levels, contribute to the wider life of the school and work towards the careers and destinations they are passionate about.

Charles Trotter



I qualified as a Teacher of Physics at The University of Nottingham having studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at The University of Loughborough. I began my teaching career at a large comprehensive school in London close to where I grew up. After moving to the Midlands to become Head of Physics, I joined King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls which led to me leading the Science Specialism and joining the Leadership Team as the Director of Science. I became an Assistant Head in 2012.

While still teaching Physics across the school my leadership responsibilities revolve around our use of data including GDPR. Recent world events reignited an interest in use of technology in the classroom and for remote teaching. It is important that school is about more than being in classrooms. My role coordinating charity work and the House system as well as promoting extra-curricular participation and provision through a variety of mediums means that students are able to strengthen other skills such as leadership, persuasiveness and communication over their time in the school.

Jane Glendenning



After completing a Humanities degree and going on to teach English abroad for three years, I completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing before working in advertising and direct marketing for ten years. I then retrained as an English teacher in 2005 at a comprehensive in Sutton Coldfield where I became Head of House, a role I continued at another comprehensive in Netherton before moving here as Head of English in 2009.

In 2014 I became an Assistant Head initially with responsibility for widening access and Key Stage 2 to 3 transition. For the last four years I have been the Designated Safeguarding Lead for the school and have responsibility for overseeing the PSHCE Department and the attendance, behaviour and pastoral care of pupils in years 7 to 11. For the last two years I have also overseen the Student Social Worker placements in our school.

I feel passionately about the mental health and wellbeing of everyone in our school community and work closely with Birmingham Education Partnership, the Anna Freud Children’s and Families Centre, Warwick University and other colleagues across the Trust to produce resources, deliver staff/parent workshops and promote opportunities for pupils, parents and staff to develop their understanding of mental health and how to support themselves and others.

I was very lucky to go to a school where the ethos was the focus on the development of the whole child. To me, education is not simply about a range of subjects and qualifications, but also about becoming a rounded individual who is aware of the world they live in. During their time at school, it’s therefore important that our students develop their creativity, sociability, resilience and confidence. In order to achieve all this, they need to have strong pastoral support around them; my role is to facilitate this and ensure every student has the opportunity to flourish in a safe and secure environment.



I completed a Honours Degree In Humanities and History in 2011 and  soon after completed the Graduate Teacher Programme at Newman University Birmingham. I began my teaching career at a large mixed comprehensive school teaching History in Birmingham where I progressed to the position of Assistant head of Humanities.

At these early stages in my teaching career I knew I enjoyed not only helping students reach their potential but supporting and coaching other colleagues in their careers. After excellent outcomes I moved to fulfil the role of head of Humanities. In this role I developed a flare and passion for educational research and teaching and learning. I persued this interest and completed a MA in Educational Leadership and Management at Nottingham University.  In 2016 I secured the position of Faculty Leader of Humanities and Social Sciences with the responsibility for Initial Teacher Training, Early Career teacher training and professional development for new and established colleagues. In this role I won awards for leading teacher development and assessment and feedback. I am currently completing the National Professional Qualification for Headship. 

I am now the Assistant Headteacher at King Edwards VI with responsibility for Teachers and Learning. 

I love my subject and thoroughly enjoy opening the doors of the past in the classroom. I love to travel around the world learning about new cultures and enjoy walking and trekking up mountains.