Alternate Wednesday
afternoon programme

At King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls, there are no timetabled lessons on alternate Wednesday afternoons in week 1 and instead the time is used to extend and enrich the curriculum for students. With parental consent, students can either choose to remain in school to participate in an extra-curricular activity aimed at improving student wellbeing and extending the school curriculum or they may leave the school site to undertake work experience, volunteering and independent study opportunities.

There are a range of activities that pupils may experience throughout the year, some of which include; Capoeira, Supervised Study, Origami and knitting. 

Please refer to the termly school newsletter for regular feedback and experiences of pupils participating in the activities.

Sessions run throughout the academic year on Wednesday afternoons in Week 1 from 1.55pm until the end of the school day.

Dates 2023-2024

Autumn  Spring  Summer
Wednesday 20th September 2023 Wednesday 17th January 2024 Wednesday 17th April 2024
Wednesday 4th October 2023 Wednesday 31st January 2024 Wednesday 1st May 2024
Wednesday 18th October 2023  Wednesday 21st February 2024 Wednesday 15th May 2024
Wednesday 8th November 2023 Wednesday 6th March 2024 Wednesday 5th June 2024
Wednesday 22nd November 2023 Wednesday 20th March 2024 Wednesday 19th June 2024
Wednesday 6th December 2023 Wednesday 3rd July 2024
Wednesday 20th December 2023 Wednesday 17th July 2024