In Year

Occasionally places become available in other year groups over the course of the academic year. The School keeps a waiting list and should a place become available, we administer a test to all students on the waiting list for that year group. Please note vacancies are rare as they rely upon a student leaving the School.

Waiting List Procedure

We will place a candidate on the waiting list for their year group once the correct forms have been returned. If a vacancy were to arise for your daughter’s year group, your daughter would be invited to sit a vacancy test consisting of Mathematics, English and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The test will last approximately 2hrs – 2hrs30mins and will include a small break. After roughly 1-2 weeks, once all completed tests have been marked by the appropriate departments, parents will be informed on whether or not their daughter was successful. Successful candidates will be contacted by phone; unsuccessful candidates will be contacted via email. Please ensure the email address you provide on the waiting list form is clear. We also recommend adding the waiting list email address ( to your contact list, to avoid emails from us mistakenly being marked as SPAM.

Year 7 (first term)

If a vacancy arises during the first term of Year 7, the waiting list in existence from 1 March of that year will be used and the place offered in accordance with the admissions criteria above. This is a list of those who sat the entrance test and who did not receive an offer from this school or a more preferred school.

In-year 7 – 11

At any point from January after the pupil starts Year 7, parents may apply for a place at the school. In-year vacancies normally only become available if a current pupil is leaving the school. Any applicant who cannot be offered a place will be added to the school’s waiting list and parents will be informed of their right of appeal. If a vacancy arises, candidates on the waiting list will be invited to take a test and the place will be awarded to the highest scoring candidate above a minimum standard.

The Academy will provide details of places available to the Local Authority (LA) within two school days of a request for the information. This enables the LA to monitor availability of academy places in Birmingham and supports Keeping Children Safe in Education.

The Academy will notify the LA of an In-Year application and its outcome as soon as reasonably practicable, aiming to do so within two school days.

The Academy aims to notify parents/carers of the outcome of their in-year application within 10 school days, and we will notify parents/carers in writing within 15 school days.

Parents/carers will need to reapply at the start of each academic year if they want their child to be included on the waiting list, where a place cannot be offered.

If you wish to add your daughter to our waiting list, please complete and return both waiting list forms (below). The forms can either be returned by post to:

FAO Admissions Officer
King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls
Rose Hill Road
B21 9AR

OR scanned and sent to our email