It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the website for King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls.  I hope that this will give you an insight and a flavour of our school.

At Handsworth, we are committed to the nurture and development of all those who learn here and seek to inspire all to be their best.  We embrace the transformative power of education and value a love of learning and intellectual curiosity. We support all within the school to find, develop and enjoy their interests and passions. Our school offers vibrant extracurricular opportunities and participation is both valued and celebrated. We are a happy and caring school which values and takes pride in diversity and celebrates individuality.

We offer a broad curriculum where academic rigour is enjoyed.  We are committed to excellent teaching and learning in an environment where students relish the opportunities they are given to master the subjects they are studying, are willing to take risks and enjoy the intellectual challenges this brings.

This is a school which is proud of its history and tradition whilst simultaneously developing staff and students who are forward thinking, outward facing and willing to rise to a challenge.

We develop staff and students who have the desire and courage, combined with the emotional, intellectual and practical capacities to change the world in ways that might be great or small but are always for the better.  Our ideals are firmly grounded in honesty and integrity.

Our purpose is developing students with empathy, understanding and appreciation for other views and opinions.  We support the girls to develop friendships which will last long beyond their time here and empower them to grow into independent, strong women who are equipped with the flexibility and moral courage to deal with the challenges of the modern world.

Our website can only give a flavour of the school. We would encourage any of you who are considering applying for a place for your daughter to come and visit us on one of our many open events.

Amy Whittall