Sixth Form

Applications to Sixth Form, for 2024 entry, open in early November 2023.

To achieve entry into the Sixth Form in September 2023 prospective entrants, both from KE Handsworth and other schools, must achieve a minimum of 6 GCSEs at grade 6 or above, which would include an English & Mathematics. GCSE Grades 7, 8 or 9 are expected in the subjects which pupils wish to continue to study at A-level, (A Level Religious Studies may be chosen without a GCSE in Religious Studies.) and there are specific requirements for new subjects:

For Economics – a 7 in Mathematics

For Politics – a 7 in one of History or English (Language or Literature)

For Psychology – a 7 in any one of: English (Language or Literature), Mathematics, a Humanity (History, Geography, RS) or a Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Computer Science, or Combined Science)

Please see the Sixth Form Subject pages (from the Sixth Form tab above) for information about individual subjects

Click here for the admissions policy.

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There is no need for current KEVI Handsworth students to complete an application. They are supported in their A Level subject choices with a one to one meeting in the Spring Term with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. During these meetings, discussions will take place about future plans.

For applicants from other schools, the admissions process will begin with the submission of your application.

We will accept applications from early November 2023 to January 26th 2024.

This process enables us to make the most informed decision regarding your potential to thrive within our highly academically-orientated environment. Any offers made to students from other schools will be conditional and dependent on the applicant meeting our entry requirements.

Before commencing studies here in the Sixth Form, we provide a number of induction opportunities to support your transition from Year 11 to Sixth Form study at our school. The focus for this will be the provision of effective strategies aimed at ‘bridging the gap’ between GCSE and A level. You will also receive support and guidance from a range of speakers to help you to start off your A level studies in the right way and ensure that you are doing the right things to make a successful application to the destination of your choice. Sixth Form study habits are developed in your first term through your Extended Project Qualification lessons, greatly benefiting you in making the transition to independent learning. We are proud of the support we offer remaining and joining students as they undertake their A Level studies. To learn more about our pastoral and academic support click here

We look forward to hearing from you.

For more information contact Ms A Shaheen on 0121 554 2342 or

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