Science Lab | Newsletter

On Thursday 4th July, a few Year 7 volunteers assisted Miss Campbell and Mrs Daniel with some Year 5s who were visiting our school science labatories. They did a carousel of experiments from Don’t Blow it! To: ‘Can you see as well as a chameleon?’ They demonstrated for the students and took charge of everything. We are very proud of the pupils who represented our school so well.

On this day, students from schools as far as Birchfield, Thornton’s and Great Barr came to be enlightened by Year 7’s vast scientific knowledge. Year 7 and Year 5 enjoyed themselves in the sun on the field at lunch, playing Frisbee, football, and group games. Although the Year 7s worked very hard, we owe a very big thank you to everyone who supported us to make this happen. Miss Campbell organised the experiments and made sure we understood our task (with help from the Year 12s). Mrs Daniel organised the year 5s and their teachers. Our teachers let us out of lessons and some came to visit us in the labatories. Thank you to the teachers who supervised us, the sixth formers, the year 5s, the Year 7s, Mrs Daniel and Miss Campbell.

Overall, the experience was a very educational for everyone and one we won’t forget. We are sure the year 5s won’t forget this wonderful day.