Physical Education | Newsletter

Key Stage 3 pupils are following the AfPE advice and continuing with sports and skills. We are doing

Year 7 – Tennis and Gymnastics

Year 8 – Dance and Athletics

Year 9 – Fitness and Badminton

These are individual sports and equipment is sanitised after and before use and where possible into year group bubbles. Pupils are being encouraged firstly and most importantly to remain active but we are also setting some theory questions and worksheets that are in line with pupils isolating at home. Pupils at home are being set a HIIT session, a sports specific task depending on the sport their classmates are doing and a theory worksheet.

Year 10 GCSE PE

Year 10s have started with a lot of enthusiasm and positive motivation.

They are perfecting their skills in Badminton ready for their first assessment and they are learning their first topics of the muscular and skeletal system.

Year 11 GCSE PE

Whilst in lock down our primary focus for Year 10 was theory. We have now split the time between consolidating their theory and bringing it to a close and videoing individual sports of badminton and Dance that can be done at school.

The pupils are concurrently participating in their non examined assessment which are personal exercise programs. This is 6week training program they have set themselves.

Year 10 and 11 Sports Leaders and Dance Leaders

Pupils have started their courses in Level 1 Dance leaders or sports leaders for year 10s and Level 2 Dance leaders and sports leaders for year 11.

Year 10 are learning practically the theory behind what makes a good leader, how to lead warmups, how to lead stretches and control behaviour and use good voice projection

Year 11s are using the above skills and making up fitness sessions that will increase the participants heart rate through stages. Year 11 dance leaders are choreographing HIIT sessions and these will be sent home for isolating KS3 pupils.

Year 12s

So far this term year 12s have been having a series of 6 sessions outlined to them about the extended project qualification. After half term pupils get to opt for 3 pathways one being Physical Activity. In these lessons we will be focussing on the following to enhance their learning

Sports leadership

Physical fitness programme

Sports skill development

Variety of dance

Umpire and coaching skills

Health and wellbeing

Extra curricular and Sport Birmingham

Due to current restrictions, there will have to be changes made to inter schools competitions. Sport Birmingham still wants young people across the city to have the opportunity to compete.  This will be a changing picture as we progress through the year, depending on national and local guidelines.  We will find out more details soon.

School Sports Ties

School sports ties are annually given out on sports awards Evening. They are given for commitment to school sport from year 7-10. Pupils who get to wear them in year 11 have shown selfless commitment, good sportsmanship and a willingness to endeavour all obstacles and partake in their sport or sports week in/week out. This year we have given a record amount out in all sports ranging from Netball, Handball, Badminton, Basketball, Dance, Archery and many others. The current year 11s should be commended for their positive attitudes and being a good role model to all. Thank you for all you have done.