PE Update March 2021 | Newsletter

Teaching and Learning within PE during lockdown 3

All pupils were doing a mixture of practical workouts, theory elements, low stake quizzes, live lessons in part or in full, ensuring high quality lessons. We adapted Dance, Netball, Fitness, Badminton, tennis and Sports/Dance Leadership schemes of learning to focus on lesson plans containing practical and theoretical resources for these topic areas. Alongside continuing learning about individual sport and theory content, pupils were encouraged to contribute to discussion for socialisation, look after their mental wellbeing as well as their physical health and do elements of self-care in the testing times.

Teaching and Learning within PE – Return to School

All year groups have been doing elements of Netball and Basketball in a covid secure way. Feedback from pupils has been great. They are very excited to be starting team games. We are following guidance from Netball England and England Basketball governing bodies and will be ensuring we stick to the adapted rules of play.

Feedback and assessment within PE during lockdown 3

We were able to continue with assessments in some sports especially Dance and Cheerleading (gymnastics year 9). Pupils showcased these sports and handed in video (if brave enough) or written evidence in order for us to continue to assess practical elements of our curriculum. We have given a range of feedback and used a range of tools used to feedback to pupils such as written feedback, verbal feedback via Google Meet, voice notes using mote software and Google Doc comments feature.


Pathway to podium

Our school has achieved a Pathway to Podium Gold award. This is based on participation, pupils doing leadership, inclusion into sports, community links and support from senior leadership and governors for school sport. Jayne Piller from sport Birmingham said “It was clear to see that there is some excellent practice taking place at the school- well done.”

Birmingham school games challenges – Winter – Winners!!

It has been confirmed that we are the winners of the School games winter challenges. We did the challenges in lessons leading up to Christmas and every pupil had a go, including those that were isolated at home. They were really good fun and the hard work of the pupils and staff has paid off.

Birmingham school games challenges – summer 2020

We were awarded some Birmingham Netball Association netballs – they were a prize for our pupils who took part in the Birmingham School Games challenges in lockdown 1. I know we will get good use out of them!

2021 Virtual Dance show

Alongside our teaching and learning our year 11 dance leaders (under the supervision of Mrs Gardner) have been organising a virtual dance showcase, encouraging all year groups to hand in dances produced in lock down and at school. We envisage this to be ready just after Easter and will be sent to parents of participating students, staff and governors.

Steps for success

The King Edward School Sports Partnership (KESSP) have done a 6-week programme called ‘Steps to success’. The programme was aimed at pupils and families to build physical, social and emotional skills which are crucial to a young person’s development. Part of the program included developing physical skills to ensure pupils and hopefully their families will make more time for this in lockdown 3, Secondly it also had ideas how to develop social skills improving their communication skills that they may have lost during this pandemic, and lastly the emotional strand ideas was to help with their mental wellbeing which is crucial for young people at this time. The idea of ‘Steps to success’ programme was to complete 6-weeks of activities from the above 3 strands, you could pick and choose which you would like to do as a family or just the pupils themselves, putting your results on a scorecard and turning into prizes upon completion. We hope many other pupils have joined in and done this program but it is still too early to assess how many as yet as we are awaiting the results from the KESSP.

“I wanted to share my experience about the last 6 weeks. I really enjoyed doing the emotional, social and physical well-being challenges. I even got my brother to do some of them with me and he really enjoyed them too. The best one for me was the physical me section as it really encouraged me to get moving. I also enjoyed the emotional me as it helped me to reflect on my life a bit more and helped me to make sure that I was still getting 8 hours of sleep. This challenge was really fun and I feel like I’ve achieved something. I have also been more active this lockdown than I was in the last and I think many other students would’ve been too! If another lockdown comes please do be sure to make another one of these challenges as they are great fun and set daily/weekly goals for us to achieve. Thank you.”

“I enjoyed the physical challenges and also it made me think about things to be grateful for especially during lockdown. It was hard to do some of the social aspects when we weren’t allowed to physically meet other people.”