Maths Challenge | Newsletter

On the 29th of April, I went to Aston Engineering University for the math challenge. I went with a year 9 and two year 8s. There were four different rounds- all of which were difficult and took some thought.

For the first round, we all could work together to solve ten questions. We split the questions between us and if we were struggling on a question, we would pass it on or work with the person beside us on it. This method worked well and was quite successful.
For the second round, we had to split into pairs. We decided that in both pairs, there would be a year 8 and a year 9. We were given a numbered crossword to complete, however one pair had the down clues and the other, the up clues. This was particularly difficult, because we needed some down clues to work out the up clues and vice versa. This required teamwork and careful checking, before we submitted our number, digit by digit.
After that, we did the third round. Once again, we had to work in pairs. Pair A was given questions one and two and Pair B got questions three and four. To work out a question, you needed the answer to the previous one first. We only got eight minutes to solve each set of four questions. Our team did well on this round, even getting bonus points for completing a set of four questions before six minutes.

The final round (and probably my favourite) was a sort of relay. We swapped our pairs, but there was still a year 8 and a year 9 on each team. Both pairs were seated away from each other across the room. The year 8 I was working with were starting. To get the first question I had to run across the room to the teacher who had been with us throughout the day. Once I had ran back with it, we calculated it and I gave it back to the teacher to see if it was correct. If it was wrong, we’d have to calculate it again. Luckily, our pair got all the questions correct, except one. When our question was marked as correct, I would receive the next question to give to the other pair.
Finally, after a whole day of math, the rankings were revealed. Our team came 7th out of 28 schools!
Overall, we were super proud and the day was great. We received a pen and a pencil case each.

From Amy Cassidy