Fusion 360 Training | Newsletter

A massive thanks to Mrs Tongue, a STEM trainer, who came for the day to show our girls how to use Fusion 360, a CAD drawing software. All the staff involved were so impressed with how quickly our girls were able to create very professional looking designs, literally a matter of minutes! I can’t wait to start seeing how we can bow embed these skills into our curriculum.

Nadia “I really enjoyed learning how to use Fusion 360, how the teacher explained everything and the shortcuts I learned. It was a very good experience for me and will contribute in the future. I developed skills in computing and design, but it also made me realise how much of a difference children who learn how to use this software can make. I didn’t enjoy D&T in year 7 but at the start of year 8 it had changed for the better so much it seemed like a different subject which I enjoyed more and now I’m considering taking it as a GCSE option.”

Zhahla “During my experience with D&T I have found myself wanting to test out certain ideas. A few of them were just left on paper or I spent a very long time making them and when I found out about Fusion 360 I was very excited. It has inspired me to create things and to finally test ideas that I have kept at the back of my mind for a while. At first I found it very challenging to use but when we had the workshop I learnt some of the basics and I can’t wait to apply what I have learnt to the testing and designing stage in D&T lessons and in my spare time. I can also look at mechanisms on the software which I am extremely excited about because I am interested in how they work and how they generate energy.”