Celebration of the Arts | Newsletter

What a wonderful display of the creative talents of our girls across the full breadth of our school!  Visitors were treated to a showcase of Drama, an exhibition of Art work, musical renditions and creative readings that were an absolute delight as well as a whole host of displays from across the subject areas.

Drama performances included a repertoire of work from Year 7 demonstrating how much they have learned and just how confident they are! The Drama Studio was packed to the brim and we were so happy to see so many students and parents celebrating their dramatic achievements!

Musical performances this year showcased the work of students through the instrument of voice.  There were many recognisable songs in the programme which delighted our visitors! These talented students should be so proud of their renditions, we wouldn’t have guessed that for many of the students this was their first public performance!  A huge well done to Zarin in Year 10 too who performed her very own composition.

Our students from the English Department delivered some beautifully read work highlighting their ability to perform their words as well as write them.  Visitors were also treated to a display of work that highlighted creativity through a range of outcomes.

The Art Department delivered a range of exhibitions in various locations around the building across all qualifications delivered at Handsworth.  We were so happy to see many of our students returning to celebrate their success throughout their courses in Art and Design and look forward to continuing with them on their journey as young artists.

Textiles presented Key Stage Four outcomes from our Year 11 students that included a velvet cape and other beautifully crafted garments. We also displayed themed ‘Block-Bots’ that have been produced by Key Stage Three this year.

Geography shared their ‘Landscapes in a Box’ which demonstrated not only their knowledge of the locations but also fantastic artistic and construction skills.

Religious Studies presented a wonderful display of artwork based around the story of The Resurrection.  There were some outstanding representations that communicated this narrative in a broad range of ways.

All Year 7 History students were asked to research the events, surrounding the murder of Becket and look at different historical interpretations.  They then had to come to conclusions based on all of the evidence and create a piece of art to illustrate their conclusions. A sample of the work they produced plus their synopsis were displayed on the evening.

Our audience was treated to two very different performances from our Dance Leaders in Year 10 which were a fantastic contrast of slow tempo and expressive dance style to an upbeat number that got everyone toe tapping!

Computer Science delivered a show reel displaying the work of Year 8 students.  They used the programming language ‘PYTHON’ to create artwork using the turtle command! A very impressive use of coding to create beautiful patterns.

All that remains to be said is a HUGE thank you to all students, staff and visitors for their support of the evening.  This event continues to be a huge success each year and we are so thrilled to have had such an enjoyable evening celebrating creativity throughout the breadth of our school! Well done all.

Miss S. Lester

Head of Art