Youth Speaks Competition | Newsletter

Students’ Success at Speaking Competition!

In early December, twelve students from KS3,4 and 5 represented King Edward VI Handsworth in  the Rotary Club’s annual Youth Speaks competition. During the evening, Rotarians were treated to a fascinating range of topics, everything from caring for the environment and the power of positive thinking to democracy and the reason we dream.

The English department were astounded by the quality of the teams this year who displayed outstanding commitment to rehearsals and excellent resilience. The English department would also like to formally thank the following students for their contributions in this competition.

Intermediate Teams:

1) Title: ‘ Success’

Chairperson: Ashpreet Bains

Main Speaker: Estelle Asante

Proposer of the Vote of Thanks: Zhahla Mohamed

2) Title: ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’

Chairperson: Chanpreet Samra

Main Speaker: Yameena Rushdy

Proposer of the Vote of Thanks: Amrissa Johal

Senior Teams:

1) Title: ‘ Democracy’

Chairperson: Lucy McCormick

Speaker: Safaa Taj

Vote of thanks: Nizara Ziaudeen

2) Title: ‘ A Letter to Mother Nature’.

Chairperson: Rufaro Tom

Speaker: Alina Malik

Vote of thanks: Iesha Ahmed

The standard of the content and delivery was outstanding, making the judges’ jobs very difficult. We are pleased to announce that Intermediate Team 2 and Senior Team 2 were successful in qualifying for the next round of the competition.

We wish them luck for the next stage of the competition in March.

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