Young Wellbeing Leads | Newsletter

Who are they?

The wellbeing team consist of students that have put themselves forward to be a part of making our school environment a safer and happier place to be in. We work together and lead a variety of activities to support people around the school who are in need of help and need a little push to bring themselves forward and shine!  Each time we come together, we think of new ideas that we can further develop so that we can improve the issues and problems that students may have e.g. the transition from year 6 to year 7, or ways to promote anti-bullying; verbal or non- verbal. Looking from the perspective of a wellbeing leader, we can clearly reach out to those who are in need of this support. Also, we involve students in a range of workshops and clubs (Art Therapy) in which they can learn techniques that not only help them during their time at school, but also will help them when they start new jobs. These new skills (e.g. organisation) can really help to keep yourself on track. Art therapy is a therapeutic way of feeling relaxed and getting out time for yourself. Lead by pupils from the Young Wellbeing leads, this club allows you to let that artist within you free and think of new ways to develop yourself. We have also found ways of doing 1 to 1 mentoring. This is also another one of our techniques, so that we can hear and action upon the problems that students are feeling around the school, and how we can tackle them. This will help to increase the self-confidence of students, so that they know that they are not alone and have support with them. The Wellbeing leads have helped many students in their journey so far, and offer to carry on developing and finding new ways to tackle and overcome the main challenges of secondary school life.

Simar Juss