Year 9 Black Country Museum Visit | Newsletter


On Thursday 15th November the History and Computing departments arranged for all of Year 9 to visit the Black Country Museum in Dudley. They were treated to a tour of the underground coal mine, a lesson in the Victorian schoolroom and the opportunity to see the many houses and shops on the site. Since then girls have been working on a ‘historical empathy’ task, taking on the character of a person who really did live in the Black Country at the turn of the century and writing a story based on their experiences. Meanwhile, in Computing lessons girls have been looking at the development of technology and the way this has changed the way we live our everyday lives. The museum trip gave them a real insight into life without television, computers, mobile phones, IPods etc! Several of our guides commented on the girls’ enthusiasm and interest! After the trip, girls were asked what they surprised or interested them the most. Here is a small selection of their responses:

“I was really surprised that the buildings in the Black County Museum were made of the same bricks as the original buildings in the early 1900s as it made me feel quite close to history”. (Nikita Sharma)

“The mines were the best part, especially how the wax models all had personalities and ‘came to life’. The Black Country Museum really is a living museum!” (Philtricia Boahene)

“I enjoyed having a tour around the museum, as it truly felt like I was back in time (especially the mine – it was pitch black and dusty) which really made me put myself in the shoes of people who lived there.” (Lashmitha Baskaran)

“I learned how everyone (rich and poor) would go to the pharmacist. Pharmacists were much cheaper than going to a doctor but could do just about all the same things. Pharmacists often removed people’s teeth if they were aching, but did so with no anaesthetic!” (Haleema Cheema)

“I really enjoyed the trip because it’s so unique. When people hear ‘museum’ they think of a big building full of fossils but the Black Country Museum showed real life. Many things surprised me, such sharing a bath and the fact that they didn’t know germs existed, especially in drinking water.” (Olivia Fulton)

“The brands that exist now, like Oxo cubes, existed in the late 19th Century. It is amazing that they are still around today!” (Tanisha Kumar)

“I was surprised how harsh teaches were in the schools. They would punish the children if they had dirty hands and would sometimes even send them back home. If children were talking, they would throw any objects they could find at the children!” (Jena Morar)

“I really enjoyed seeing the Peaky Blinders filming crew moving props etc!” (Nafeesa Shahid)

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