Year 8 Think Tank | Newsletter

On Friday 5th July, the whole of Year Eight had the opportunity to experience the exhibitions, a show, and a workshop at Think Tank, Birmingham. The day began with getting us into groups including some people who we had not worked with before, and then we got on the buses to go to Think Tank. The weather was really good and we were in for a treat. There were lots of galleries in this gigantic building, with inventions and technologies from the past, future and present.

My favourite was the Medicine Matters gallery which explored how approaches to medicine have improved peoples’ lives over time. I also enjoyed looking at recycling – I did not realise how many things were already made from recycled materials.

During the day there was a Forensics workshop where we took fingerprints and examined evidence to solve a crime in the Jewellery Quarter. It was interesting how much of our bias crept in to our decision making – once we had decided who was guilty, the evidence seemed to point to him!

We also experienced exciting shows. Some of us journeyed through the Solar System, learning in graphic detail about the Asteroid Belt and planets and how things formed, and some went to the Energy show where a number of experiments threatened to damage our teachers! We also spent some time outside in the Science Garden which was full of equipment to play with and had a water pool. It was a really fun time and a great way to spend a Friday.