Year 8 CyberFirst Girls Competition Report | Newsletter

In January 2020, 8 teams of girls from our school took part in the national CyberFirst Challenge For Girls. Out of the eight teams, one team made it through to the semi-finals (that’s us!). The semi finals took place on the 8th February in the centre of Birmingham, Cleo, Toni, Zubeida and Mrs Brown made their way to the PWC Offices, which was where the semi-finals were held. There were 4 sections to the competition: Logic and Coding, Networking, Cyber Security and Cryptography. 12,000 students competed in the qualifying round but only a few made it to the 8 semi finals in venues all across the country such as Wales, England and Ireland. 22 schools made it into our semi-final and we had to do even harder challenges than in the qualifying round. Cyber security was our favourite category but we got the highest marks in Logic and Coding. We were given refreshments such as sandwiches, and hot chocolate. It was great fun, and we met loads of people. It was an unforgettable experience and we encourage the Year Sevens to compete in the competition next year.

Cleo, Toni and Zubeida in year 8