Year 7 Trip to Warwick Castle | Newsletter

As part of our History curriculum, we were very grateful to have been taken to Warwick Castle last Thursday. We had the opportunity to explore the castle through time, from William the Conqueror onwards. Warwick Castle was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience no-one would want to miss. It was great to have a day out of school where we could be educated in a different environment and have a break from the everyday classrooms! The site had beautiful, panoramic scenes, like from the top of the castle, where we all took photos and really enjoyed ourselves. In our History lessons, we had learned about many castle features that made us more determined to find them, an example was the “murder holes!!!” Whilst we had loads of fun, we also developed our History knowledge which will hopefully help us achieve higher grades in our assessments. I feel that this trip was a real benefit because, after all the unexpected fun, we had loads to share and loads of facts which we had never known before. Personally, I have never been on such a prodigious trip!!

Tam Binh Nguyen, 7.3