YEAR 12 Early Tudors Lectures | Newsletter

On Thursday 22nd of November, the two Year 12 History A-level classes took a trip to Carrs Lane, Birmingham to hear some extremely interesting lectures about the Tudors. We arrived at the venue at around 10:45 with the lectures starting at 11 o’clock. Travelling there was quick, easy and simple as it was pretty close, and most of us were familiar with the area.

The lecturers were very notable, coming from universities such as Oxford and Durham. The first lecture we listened to was about whether Henry VII had restored royal authority after the Wars of the Roses, which linked directly to what we are studying in our lessons at the moment. This was incredibly useful to all of us. The other three lectures were about the significance of the changes to government that Henry VIII made, how much religion influenced rebellions during Henry VIII’s reign and how far Henry VIII was personally responsible for the successes and failures of his foreign policy. The extra knowledge we gained from these lectures will definitely be helpful to us in the future, with some of the students even writing 16 pages of notes! The lectures on Henry VIII are also something that will help us with our future learning, as we are moving onto his reign in our lessons at the end of this term.

All in all, the lectures were successful and a trip I’d recommend for all History A level students!