Year 10 Spoken Language Endorsement | Newsletter

The Power of Human Magnificence!

Year 10 Spoken Language Endorsement 01

On Wednesday 12th December, students in Year 10 were privileged to have the opportunity to listen to an award-winning professional speaker in preparation for their GCSE English Spoken Language Endorsement.

Michelle Mills-Porter is a speaker, author, multi award-winning business owner and one of the “Top Recommended People” on LinkedIn, worldwide. Being involved in the 2004 Tsunami was the most horrendous experience of Michelle’s life which left her with many illnesses and issues. But the gift that she was given in that time was worth it all tenfold. What she learned about human behaviour and the capabilities we possess left an imprint on her and changed her direction forever. She shared this inspirational story with Year 10, who used it as a means for improving their own public speaking.

All 160 students delivered a speech in front of their peers that day. The English department were very pleased with both the content and delivery of these speeches- the topics of which were both varied and fascinating! A huge well done, Year 10!