Teaching & Learning

Building Learning Habits is at the heart of Learning and Teaching at King Edward VI Handsworth School.  We want learners who are:

  • independent
  • curious
  • reflective
  • resilient
  • life-long
  • creative and imaginative
  • acquiring flexible skills for a rapidly changing world
  • collaborative


Lessons have a dual focus on Learning Habits as well as learning the content of courses and topics.  Learning habits are the routine ways in which we think when are faced with life’s experiences and challenges.  As a school, we have focused upon building the habits of Collaborating, Questioning, Listening, Noticing and Planning and Revising.  We want our girls to know what to do when they don’t know what to do by referring to the habits of mind that they have acquired.

Dual learning objectives, engaging starter activities, a balance between collaborative and independent learning, activities to assess understanding and progress, creative use of resources and ICT, feedback and reflective activities are all common features of lessons at King Edward VI Handsworth.