Tanisha Burgher | Sixthform Blog

The Exam Mock Season has come to an end. Now the hard part has begun – receiving the results. Despite the difficulties and sheer intensity of completing the papers, receiving the actual result (for me at least) is always a challenge! The grade, the mark is set and can’t be changed whether it is good or bad. However, it is encouraging to know there is still time and that the feedback and target setting which we immediately undertake can have a positive result. At the moment, all tasks seem impossible to complete but when I think about using the resources around me such as teachers, peers and subject clinics then the ‘Fearsome Exams’ don’t appear so grim.

Overall, it has been an average working week in Sixth Form. The beloved Study Periods which I use to catch up on subject understanding, the energising Common Room atmosphere and the Infamous Deli 25p Toast all continue to push me through.

A particular highlight of the week was in PE where we played Volleyball, a sport of pure quality and vigour but reliant on teamwork. Witnessing the involvement and enjoyment of my peers whilst also winning provided a well needed boost for the week.

The weekend couldn’t come sooner!


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