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Wednesday 6th February supporting your daughter to manage her stress and anxiety

5.00-6.00pm in the Centenary Room

You will have read the latest headlines about young people:

  • Nearly one in four young women has a mental illness, with emotional problems such as depression and anxiety the most common, figures for England show.
  • About one in twelve (8.1%) 5 to 19 year olds had an emotional disorder (including anxiety and depression). Emotional disorders are more common in girls than boys and rates increase with age. This is a 100% increase since 2004.
  • Generalised anxiety disorder and panic disorder are the two most common emotional disorders in children (1.5% and 1.1% respectively), except for other anxiety disorders (1.6%). Panic disorder was more common in girls (1.7%) than boys.

It’s important therefore that we work together to support the young people, of all ages, in our care and help them find ways to cope with the emotions they are experiencing, whether at specific pressure points or on a daily basis.

Please register your interest with Reception on 0121 554 2342.

We are happy for parents to share experiences or ask questions after the talk. Parents at our last talk found this invaluable.

Inspiring self-esteem and confidence in your daughter

Monday 8th April

60% of 10-17 year old girls have low self-esteem…let’s make the change.

Supporting those experiencing self-harm and eating disorders

Thursday 16th May

“One fifth of 14-year-old girls [actually 22%] in UK ‘self-harm'”, reported BBC News 29th August 2018.

Our parental e-safety workshop this term received really positive feedback. Thank you to those who attended; I hope it gave you plenty of tools and strategies to try at home.

Miss Glendenning, Designated Safeguarding Lead