Sasha Reed | Sixthform Blog

The dreaded Monday morning after half term and you are sat on the freezing bus to school thinking to yourself, “Did I really do as much work as I could have done…?” However, as soon as you approach the school gates you know that it’s back to lessons and seeing your friends. On Monday I had Year 8’s first school council meeting of the year, where Amina and I listened to various ideas for improvements that could be made around the school. My personal favourite is always, “When is the swimming pool going to be built?”

After being given the usual load of work, by Wednesday I was really feeling in need of a pick-me-up. Activity Day on Thursday filled me with promise. Thursday was packed full of paper towers, awkward handshakes, business plans and laughter – just another normal day at KE Handsworth I guess! The first week back at school has gone ok, despite the fact it already feels like we have been back a lifetime! The weekend awaits and the adventures of A Levels will commence again on Monday morning.