Pupil Design Awards | Newsletter

Congratulations to Team “Hang On” who won the 2020 Pupil Design Awards with their idea for a multipurpose, reusable hanger designed to be used in shops and suitable for transportation. The judges were impressed by the team’s systemic approach in considering the product’s entire life cycle, and the simplicity of the focus on a single object. Mr McCarthy, Head of Technology

The students involved said:

“We entered as a group of three, choosing the brief of Future Fashion and spent the next few months crafting and creating a product to fight the issue of the world of unsustainable fashion. As a team we began to work together to explore the brief, doing tasks such as: sending out questionnaires, going into stores, emailing companies and creating prototypes, all helping to refine our final product, a reusable shop hanger that is multipurpose and able to be used in multiple stages of a garment’s life. The news that we had reached the interviews was incredible; to have had our ideas reviewed by professionals within the industry and to manage to get that far was astonishing. Although held online this year, the interview process tested our teamwork, knowledge and passion for our product. The judges were amazed by the initiative and research that we invested into our product, so much so that they announced us as the winners of the competition. The experience was a rollercoaster of emotions and tested the limits of our skills but as a team we managed to pull together and create an award-winning product.”