Photograms with Year 11 Art Students | Newsletter

This half term our fabulous Year 11 art students have been introduced to the onsite darkroom. Students have been busy developing and experimenting with photograms and the results are fantastic!


‘During our art lessons we were given the opportunity to use the dark room to create photograms to further explore our chosen theme. It was a really fun experience because I could experiment with composition and light to create interesting images that support my theme of trophy hunting.’


‘Recently, I used the darkroom to create photogram outcomes and overall, I found it a really enjoyable experience. We were able to experiment with a range of techniques, including painting developer onto our images, which I found most effective and most visually striking.

I would love to learn more about the process, or use the darkroom again in the future and I definitely loved the hands-on, experimental aspect of it.

I will be using my outcomes to add to my artist exploration work, as well as possibly incorporating them into a mixed media outcome alongside stitching and painting.

I would definitely recommend trying out the darkroom if possible, as it’s quite interesting watching how an image develops.’


‘This year we had the opportunity to create photograms in the dark room. It was a really cool experience as we could create and develop our own photos. I had lots of fun experimenting with different objects and compositions in order to create meaningful photograms. The best part was definitely watching the photo emerge on the paper as when making the photogram we had no idea what the final outcome would look like.’