PE Update | Newsletter


In January a group of year 9s and 10’s played in the Aston schools handball tournament hosted by us with the hopes to get through to the Birmingham school games. We played 2 other teams hoping we could beat the talented team before us. Thanks to all the hard work of our team we managed to achieve 1st place. All the efforts of our team were noted.

Or team then went through to the second stage in the Birmingham championships, they came 4th Narrowly missing the 3rd, 2nd, 1st teams play off.

Team member Husaini said the following

“On Tuesday 21st January, we went to Birmingham city’s handball tournament to compete against about 10 schools. We came 4th place overall. Considering we are a new team to the sport, we performed well and it was a good learning experience as well as being so much fun.  As a team, we had a good time and this being our first main competition just means we have a lot of time to improve our game individually and as a team and we would just be getting better and better.”

Year 7 Netball

Pupils from Year 7 played their first two netball games of the season. Unfortunately, we lost against St Pauls and St John Wall but they tried their hardest and are focused on their next matches and practising hard to improve their skills.

Novice Gymnastics Competition

The Novice Gymnastics Team competed in the Birmingham Schools Novice Competition on 31st January. They had practised very hard for the competition and all pupils performed really well, overcoming nerves and producing their best performances for the competition. The Yearr 7 team were placed 4th in the Vaulting and floor competition which was excellent as the girls had very little experience of vaulting prior to competing. The Yearr 8 team came an astounding 1st overall for both their floor work and vaulting thanks to Fatima . All girls performed their best routines and conducted themselves impeccably.

Advanced Gymnastics

The Advanced Gymnastics Team competed in the Birmingham Schools Advanced Competition on 5th February. The U14s team placed 4th in the Vaulting and Floor competition combined and Beatrice Scofield in year 7 came second in the individual scores. The U19 team came an amazing 2nd overall for both their floor work and vaulting. Simran Soroya Watson came 3rd in the individual competition.  All the girls performed to their best abilities  and should be proud of their achievements.

GCSE Climbing at King Edward Five Ways

Pupils in year 11 went to KE Five Ways School to get some extra climbs for their GCSE. They all did two timed climbs. The girls did really well and got complimented on their belaying (safety rope) technique.

Aston Schools Netball Year 10

On 6th February 2020, 7 teams from schools all around Aston came to play the annual Aston schools Netball championships for year 10. We fielded 2 teams due to the commitment of the girls.  Our A team came 1st, just beating George Dixon in the last game. Our B team came 3rd. Aston Manor team said that playing King Edwards teams were their favourite as they were so good but nice with it – Compliments indeed!

RED January

Staff at King Edward Handsworth have been thoroughly enjoying RED January this year (Run Everyday) We have been taking part in a wide range of activities every morning in a view to get active and have fun!