Pastoral Care

At King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls, we are proud of our commitment to Pastoral Care. We have a safe, happy and supportive community in which pupils thrive. Pastoral Care is underpinned by good relationships between staff, parents and pupils. Every adult here cares about the pupils in their care. No worry is too small to be ignored or too big to deal with.

We have a strong pastoral system which consists of form tutors and a Pastoral Leader for each year group. The Pastoral Leader moves up with their year group with a Year 7-10 and then a Year 11-13 rotation. By doing this the Pastoral Leader can form excellent and lasting relationships with both parents and pupils during the formative years at school. Once the pupils move into Year 11 the Pastoral Leader’s role is to support pupils through their final year of GCSEs and prepare them for the next steps in their educational journey (in Year 12 and 13). All Pastoral Leaders care for the pupils’ welfare and offer advice and guidance, as well as monitor their academic progress and achievements both in and out of school.

As well as the form tutors and Pastoral Leaders, we also have a number of other people who support pupils in school, including learning support, two Student Support Officers, our SENCO and the Attendance and Welfare Officer. These adults work hard to build pupils’ self-esteem, resilience and independence to not only support them in school but also prepare them for later life.

Who to contact?

If you have a pastoral concern, your daughter’s form tutor is the first port of call. You can do this via her planner or email (see below). If the form tutor cannot successfully deal with the concern, or the matter is more serious, then the next link in the chain is the Pastoral Leader. The Pastoral Leader with liaise with the Designated Safeguarding Lead if there is a safeguarding concern. Please follow the escalation process appropriately.

In any email communication, please state your daughter’s full name, who you are and indicate what the issue is, to aid the staff member who will respond to you. Please be mindful that staff can be teaching all day, running clubs at lunchtime or be in meetings, so an instant response is not always possible.

YEAR 7 Pastoral Leader – MISS E LOCK
7:1          Miss S Lester
7:2          Mrs B Nock
7:3          Miss D Plante-Bekenn
7:4          Mr C Twine
7:5          Mrs L Stringer


YEAR 8 Pastoral Leaders – MRS U COLE/MISS COLLINS (forms 1-3) (forms 4-5)
8:1          Mr D McEwan
8:2          Dr A Bailey
8:3          Mr M McCarthy
8:4          Mrs T Kirby
8:5          Mr A Freer


YEAR 9 Pastoral Leader – MRS A WALTERS
9:1          Dr E Clewlow
9:2          Mrs L McKee
9:3          Miss D Campbell
9:4          Ms T Goodyear
9:5          Ms T Whybrow


YEAR 10 Pastoral Leader – MISS C COLLINS
10:1        Mrs V Adams and Mrs N Morgan
10:2        Mr J Whitehead
10:3        Mrs J Thompson and Mrs N Morgan
10:4        Mr E McIntosh
10:5        Ms N Samuels


YEAR 11 Pastoral Leader – MRS B EMMRICH
11.1        Ms S Badchkam
11.2        Ms H Flora
11.3        Mrs M Bates
11.4        Mr M Nawaz
11.5        Mr D Thomson


YEAR 12 Pastoral Leader – MRS S SHPEHERD
MRS R MIRAS-PYE from October half term
L6.01      Mrs G Bajaj
L6.02      Mr A Sammons and Ms M Todd
L6.03      Mrs E Brown
L6.04      Mrs K Sewell
L6.05      Mrs J Nolan
L6.06      Ms N Hussain
L6.07      Mrs L Gardner


YEAR 13 Pastoral Leader – MRS L POLKE
U6.01    Miss S Brown
U6.02    Dr R Perrins
U6.03    Miss S Gilks
U6.04    Mrs L Osborne and Mrs J Wakelin
U6.05    Miss J Smith
U6.06    Mr P Crockford
U6.07    Dr A Crampton

Safeguarding personnel in an emergency 0121 554 2342

Miss J Glendenning, Designated Safeguarding Lead and Director of Pastoral Care Years 7-11

Mr N Heppel, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and Director of Post-16

Miss C Berry, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and Deputy Head (Teaching and Learning)

Mrs A Whittall, Headmistress

Student support 0121 554 2342

Mrs R Miras-Pye, SENCO (Monday-Thursday)

Mrs N Foulkes, Student Support Officer, Years 7-11 (Monday-Wednesday)

Mrs H Felton, Student Support Officer, Post-16 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Mr J Waggott, Bi-lingual Support (Tuesday only)

Ms M Elsmore, Attendance and Welfare Officer – 0121 507 8483