This school has a long tradition of school uniform. The wearing of uniform reduces difference of appearance resulting from social class or income, ensures that the pupils come to school looking neat and tidy, enhances the school’s image in the community and helps weld the school together. Pupils in Years 7-11 are required to wear the uniform of the school in the correct manner; Sixth Form students are not required to wear uniform but are expected to adhere to the Sixth Form dress code.

Skirts and trousers

  • School plain navy blue kilt from Gogna or pre-loved School shop (kilts can be fastened down using a press stud or kilt stitched in the bottom corner).  No pins please. Please note that we aim to review the style of school skirt for 2022.


  • Gogna school trousers or your own dark navy-blue trousers.  Own trousers must be full length and straight legged.
  • Thin trousers can no longer be worn underneath the kilt as students may wear trousers instead of a skirt.


Shirts/Blouses and tie

  • Pale blue long sleeved shirt (top buttons must be fastened when wearing a tie).
  • School tie


  • Pale blue open neck blouse (short or long sleeved) without a tie.  This can be worn all year round.  There is no additional summer uniform.  Students may choose to wear an open necked blouse all year or only in summer if they prefer.



  • Gogna School jumper.
  • Gogna School blazer with badge on pocket.


  • Gogna School jumper (optional for extra warmth).
  • Gogna School Cardigan OR Gogna School blazer with badge on pocket.

Tights, socks and shoes

  • Navy-blue tights (40 denier plus) or navy-blue knee high socks (white/navy ankle socks may be worn by all years in summer).
  • Black flat shoes.
  • Ankle boots and trainers are not allowed.


  • Coat (to be removed on entry to buildings).
  • Hoodies are not part of the uniform and cannot be worn inside.
  • Bag (should be fit for purpose)
  • Hats and baseball caps are not permitted indoors.

Head and Face Coverings

  • Navy-blue or black head coverings are allowed.
  • It is not permitted to cover the face.

All items of school uniform must be named inside.

P.E. Uniform

  • Gogna Navy-blue skort or  own navy-blue skort or plain navy-blue shorts. Own navy-blue skorts and shorts should not be patterned, but a small logo is fine.
  • Gogna track pants or plain navy-blue leggings or plain navy-blue joggers/track pants (long bottoms needed for cold weather).  Own bottoms should not be patterned, but a small logo is fine.
  • Gogna Navy and emerald PE polo shirt (two advisable)
  • Gogna Navy and emerald P.E. sweatshirt (optional but advisable for extra warmth)
  • Gogna base layer long sleeved top or your own navy-blue base layer top may be worn underneath the polo shirt.
  • Any ankle socks can be worn or students may purchase Gogna or plain navy-blue long socks.
  • Trainers (no plimsolls)
  • P.E. bag

Optional (widely available):

  • Navy blue thermal layer under t-shirt.

No embroidered names are required on P.E. kit so that items can be donated to our pre-loved shop or handed down to others.  However, all P.E. kit must be named inside.

Hair styles policy:

  • Hair can be worn in any style.
  • Long hair must be tied back for Science, D&T, Food and P.E. lessons (and other lessons as requested) for health and safety reasons.
  • We embrace all Afro and cultural hairstyles. We acknowledge that Afro-textured hair is an important part of our staff and students’ racial, ethnic, cultural and religious identities, and requires specific styling for hair health and maintenance.
  • Hair must not be green, blue, pink, purple or bright red.
  • Hair gel/wax may be worn.
  • Hair accessories must be black or navy blue.

Jewellery and make-up policy:

  • All students may wear stud earrings, one ring and a watch.
  • Religious jewellery or emblems can be worn under uniform.
  • Henna/mehndi is permitted.
  • Discreet make-up is permitted. (No lipstick/eyeshadow/eyeliner).
  • Nail polish is permitted but extensions and false nails are not allowed for health and safety reasons.  Nail polish cannot be worn for Food Technology lessons.
  • Discreet nose studs are permitted, but not nose rings.
  • For health and safety reasons, hoop earrings, nose rings and other visible piercings are not allowed.