This school has a long tradition of school uniform.  The wearing of uniform reduces difference of appearance resulting from social class or income, ensures that the pupils come to school looking neat and tidy, enhances the school’s image in the community and helps weld the school together.  Pupils in Years 7-11 are required to wear the uniform of the school in the correct manner; Sixth Form students are not required to wear uniform but are expected to adhere to the Sixth Form dress code and wear a smart business suit in navy, black or grey.

*All items of uniform marked with an asterisk must be purchased from Gogna Schoolwear & Sports.


  • School plain navy blue kilt *
  • School plain wide leg navy trousers*
  • School tie*
  • School jumper*
  • School blue blouse (winter/summer)*
  • School navy blue blazer with badge on pocket*
  • Navy blue or black raincoat, coat or anorak
  • Black leather shoes of a suitable type for school – low broad heel, no boots, no sling backs, no open toes
  • Navy blue 40 denier tights or navy blue ankle socks (summer only).
  • A waterproof bag of a suitable size for carrying books easily.

 Summer Uniform:

Girls are informed by the Headmistress when they should change into summer  uniform. All girls must be in summer uniform by a date yet to be announced.

For Key Stage Three (Years 7, 8 & 9) the summer uniform is a summer blouse, school jumper, blazer and navy blue plain ankle socks or navy blue tights. Knee length socks are not permitted.

For KS4 (Years 10 &11) the summer uniform is a summer blouse, school jumper, cardigan and navy blue tights. Knee length socks are not permitted. Thinner denier (15 or 20 denier) navy blue tights may be worn.


  • School scarf* or plain navy blue scarf


Dress of a cultural or religious nature

Girls may wear a neat, navy headscarf (usually Muslim) or turban (usually Sikh). Girls may wear thin trousers underneath their kilts if they wish to cover their legs.

It is not permitted to cover the face.

Physical Education Clothing

Required:  * Can be purchased from Gogna Sports.

  • Gogna Navy blue skort, track pants or shorts * (Pupils can choose but two are advisable and a tracksuit for cold weather)
  • Navy and emerald PE polo shirt * (two advisable)
  • Navy blue three quarter hockey socks with emerald band *
  • Navy and emerald PE Sweatshirt * (optional but advisable for bad weather)


Required (widely available):

  • Trainers (no plimsolls)
  • White sports ankle socks
  • PE bag or sports hold all to hang on a peg


Optional (widely available):

  • Football/hockey boots  (advisable for house football and football club)
  • Gum shield (advisable for house football and football club)
  • Shin pads (advisable for house football and football club)
  • Dance leggings
  • Navy blue thermal layer under t-shirt


Every item should be marked (or in the case of certain PE items embroidered) with the pupil’s name.

General Requirements


Items of jewellery are not allowed except one pair of small plain stud earring in the ear lobe only (gold or silver) and a watch, and in the case of Years 10 and 11, a discreet ring.  Religious emblems may also be worn providing they are discreet and removed for PE/Games and practical lessons where necessary.


  • Extreme hair fashions not allowed, including the wearing of hair gel.
  • Hair should be of a single, natural colour.
  • Hair bands, ribbons and scrunchies worn with uniform must be navy blue, or black and plain in design.


Make up:

  • Make up is not allowed.
  • Only natural nail polish is allowed (not French manicure).