Dining at Handsworth

The dining room menu rotates on a three week cycle. Details of what is offered each day of each week can be seen on the menus below. All food sold by AIP  is prepared in nut free kitchens. If you have allergies or the need for a specific diet, please read the letter below about Special dietary information. The quality and nutrition manager at AIP will then be able to highlight which foods are suitable.

Click Here to view the Important Allergy Information From Our Caterers

Pupils may request extra servings of vegetables to go with their main meal and “Meal Deals” are available on most days. Please see the notices in and around the dining room.

Visit our catering company’s website: www.allianceinpartnership.co.uk

King Edward VI Handsworth School Menu

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Week Dates

Week 1

w/c 15th October 2018

w/c 12th November 2018

w/c 3rd December 2018


w/c 22nd October 2018

w/c 19th November 2018

w/c 10th December 2018

Week 3

w/c 8th October 2018

w/c 5th November 2018

w/c 26th November 2018

w/c 17th December 2018