Next Generation Award | Newsletter

On Thursday 19th March, the whole of year 9 participated in a day filled with collaborative, motivational and forward thinking activities.  The Next Generation Awards was an amazing opportunity for the year group to have an improved understanding of each other and display their individual skills. Despite having a structured day, the activities we did mostly allowed free creative reign and organisation. At the end of the day we presented our finished work to the class and assessed the work of our peers.

NGA stands for Next Generation Awards. It is a project when students identify problems within their town/ local area and provide potential solutions. The group with the best proposition and well contemplated ideas will move forward to a second round, and eventually a winning group will be given a fixed amount of money to hopefully turn those ideas into reality.

Together we worked as a team to develop a proposal to put forward for the first round. We compromised our individual ideas within our group to decide which theme we felt was in need of representation in our local area. In addition we each assigned ourselves roles based on our personal expertise. By cooperating, this ensured we had the best possible solution.

We look forward to presenting our idea in the hope to get through to the final presentation.