Music Department Update | Newsletter

The Autumn Term is always a very busy one for the music department with Speech Day, Y12 GCSE Awards Afternoon and the Christmas concert needing music.  There was a wide variety of music performed at the Christmas Concert on Tuesday 11th December and the following school ensembles performed to their usual high standard.

Dhol Ensemble Junior Quintet
Training Wind Band Symphony Orchestra
Training String Ensemble Senior Quintet
Clarinet Ensemble Sax Ensemble
Junior Flute Ensemble School Choir
Senior Flute Ensemble Wind Band

This year, we are encouraging more pupils to perform solo and smaller ensemble pieces to help develop their performing confidence in front of an audience. It was a pleasure to see Eliza Clarke and Nancy Rutter singing a Duet from Wicked and Sophia Johnson singing ‘Santa Baby’.

For some girls this was the first time they had performed in a school concert and for the girls in year 13 their last Christmas Concert.

I would like to thank all pupils and Instrumental Tutors for all their hard work that went towards making this evening a most enjoyable time for all.  I would also like to thank all the parents who both attended the event and helped to clear the hall afterwards. Your support for the music department and music making within King Edwards Handsworth is much appreciated.

Florence Cuckson performing at Speech Day

Christmas Concert Photos

Symphony Hall

On Monday 3rd February, Year 7 Visited Symphony Hall to see the CBSO perform a special concert for KS3 pupils. There was a wide variety of music from films such as ‘The Avengers’ to pieces by Berlioz and Nielsen. Below are some pupil comments about the trips:

The trip to Symphony Hall was brilliant! I think the people playing the instruments are very talented and the music was very moving. Some parts of the music made me feel calm and peaceful and some parts made me feel on the edge and my adrenaline was rushing!

The man who explained the pieces of music to the audience really emphasised it and I thought that the descriptions were spot on because what he said, was exactly what the music sounded like and exactly how I felt.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and I do not regret attending that extraordinary concert!

By Bassmalla Abbass Khattab, 7.3.

On the 3rd February, Year 7 went on a trip to Symphony Hall to watch an orchestra perform. It was a very exciting experience and I would definitely recommend that you go.

When we reached the hall, we sat in our seats and patiently anticipated the performance. There was a man who talked us through the history of music. We listened to pieces written by composers for many reasons, some were inspired by love, while others were written for fun and one was written as a bet! Although all that we listened to were sounds, they all told a vivid story to everyone. Having said that, I can guarantee everyone that was spectating had taken a different interpretation. He explained how notes can show many different stories and we were all amazed at how the same note can be played to show a variety of emotions.

Overall, it was a very educational experience as well as a fun one. In the future I would love to go again and I am sure that most other people that went would too.

Nimra Rafiq


Form 7.5