Martha Goshawk | Sixthform Blog

The first week back started with an INSET day (smiles all round from Year 13) which gave everyone the perfect opportunity to catch up on all of the work and revision that should have been done over half term! Tuesday was mainly spent readjusting back to school life: juggling class work, homework, extra curricular stuff and last minute UCAS bits. Wednesday was the real highlight of the week with Year 13 making their way to Blackwell Adventure for their activity day. And what an action packed day we had! From zip wiring to climbing, abseiling to team challenges, it was a roaring success amongst the whole year group! It was a brilliant opportunity for us all to embrace our fears, try something new and have a lot of fun. There was loads of screaming (probably far too much for the instructors’ liking!) and a lot of laughing too. We all pitied the unlucky people who had to spend Wednesday taking those tricky university entrance tests (BMATs, ELATs, LNATs and the like) who missed out on the all the fun.

After the highs of Blackwell Adventure Centre, the rest of the week seemed rather dreary, with lessons returning to normal and getting back into the swing of school life. Despite the fact that half term never quite seems long enough, most of us agreed it felt good to be back and it’s only 7 weeks till Christmas!