Magistrates Mock Trials | Newsletter

We are delighted to be runners up from the local heat and very much look forward to the regional heat next half term. Below are pupil accounts from the day. We wish the pupils every success for the next heat.

On Saturday the 16th of March, our Mock Trials team consisting of lawyers, witnesses, court officials and magistrates, headed to Birmingham Magistrates Court to face two out of the several schools competing to qualify through to the regional round. Our aim was to confidently and convincingly present our case in court in order to gain as many points as possible and we successfully qualified for the next round. We all took on various roles as I mentioned before, and my role was the legal adviser and I was part of the prosecution team. I was responsible for identifying the defendant at the start of the case, reading out something called the section 9 statement and summarising the whole case in a speech at the end for the magistrates. Mock Trials was a very enjoyable experience, which I gained confidence and new knowledge about law from.

Ashpreet Bains

In our Mock Trials team I was defence lawyer no.2. When I learnt more about this role I was very excited. I had to carry out an examination in chief and a cross examination. I knew that for my cross examination I had to ask questions to someone I didn’t know.

Before the defence’s trial began I was nervous but I was prepared. I’m glad to say that mine and Khansa’s cross examinations went very well and I managed to catch out the person I was cross examining on an incorrect detail.

Another thing worthy of mentioning is the building the Mock Trials took place in. The building was beautiful but the hidden quotes on the walls inside the building stood out to me the most. We even saw a statue of a unicorn!

Zhahla Mohamed 9.4

I was a witness for the prosecution team and I really enjoyed playing the role as a witness of the crime. I had to answer questions from my lawyer as well as the defence lawyer from the other school. It was really fun pretending to be another character and it was definitely a challenge to act like they would. Overall it was a really enjoyable experience and I am looking forward to doing it again in the next round.

Shaili Patel

I played the role of a prosecution witness as the victim of the crime. I had to be questioned by one of the lawyers on our team, an examination in chief. I was also questioned by one of the lawyers from the opposing team. I found the latter interesting as I had to answer the questions from the top of my head and it was tough to think on my feet. Overall, this experience taught me to work effectively in a team.

Dhyanna Darbar

I was given the opportunity to participate in the Mock Trials, held at Victoria Law Courts, Birmingham. My experience was invaluable as I was able to obtain first-hand experience in various roles conducted in a criminal trial. My role was that of a magistrate; duties involved considering the evidence and determining whether or not the defendant was guilty. I enjoyed learning the basics of law. We were up against some stiff competition but our hard work paid off and now we are going to the regional heat.

Simran Lalli

I acted as a prosecution lawyer in the Mock Trials. This involved chief examining as well as cross examining different witnesses to try and get important information out of them. Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience which I developed lots of different skills from. I am very excited for the next round.

Amrissa Johal

My role was a magistrate. I really enjoyed the experience of visiting the court because of the dark, imposing courtrooms. Another highlight was meeting pupils playing magistrates from other schools and seeing their preparation. I’m so proud of all my team mates because each one of us contributed to the final result, going to the regionals!

Kashaf Emal

The Magistrates Mock Trials was such a great experience. My role in the team was to be a defence lawyer. This role includes carrying out two witness questionings and making a final speech. Leading up to the day there was lots of preparation; reading witness statements, devising questions and memorisation/practice. It was a lot of hard work but well worth it in the end. I loved working with the team and practicing with them. On the day, I was extremely nervous, but I enjoyed watching my friends and other schools perform. It is an experience that I will never forget.

Khansa Masood

I was magistrate in the Mock Trials and overall I found the experience fun because I was able to voice my thoughts on the case during the magistrate’s discussion. It was all very interesting as we performed in real courtrooms giving all of us a deeper insight into how court trials and the law work, which made the whole trial experience realistic.

Kira Patel

In the Magistrates Mock Trial competition, I played the role of magistrate. There were three magistrates from our school and three from the opposing school. There was also an actual magistrate there to oversee our discussion.

My role involved listening to the court proceedings and both the prosecution and defence lawyers and witnesses. We then went into the retiring room and discussed the verdict. Overall, our role was vital to the outcome of the trial because we decided if the defendant was guilty or not.

This experience has given me an insight into the world of law. It has also made me more confident and I have learnt to work with new people.

Yulia Wolczuk