Macbeth Theatre Trip | Newsletter

On Thursday 6th February, a group of year 10 and 11 girls went on a trip to The Old Rep Theatre to see a performance of our English Literature GCSE Shakespearean text – ‘Macbeth’.

After watching many different film adaptations of the play and studying it both as a text and a piece of drama, I was interested as to how the unconventional rendition (whereby all parts were played by three actors) would come together as the whole piece, however I was pleasantly surprised.

Following each scene we were given a brief synopsis by an actor playing the role of the porter, which made it easily accessible to everyone no matter if they had studied the play or not, and the obvious costume changes made the differentiation of characters clear. It was interesting how the company had chosen to cut out confusing or slightly out of date scenes and instead use the porter character to fill in the gaps, yet I don’t think this detracted from the storyline of the play too much.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say the play was enjoyable and it was a great opportunity to see the text come to life- I would definitely recommend seeing any adaptation of ‘Macbeth’ as it can improve your awareness of the play not just as a text, but also as a work of drama.

Imogen Margetts