Mabeeb Kamalee | Sixthform Blog

This week has proven to be more eventful than any of us had anticipated. Every time I entered any computer room every screen had at least one UCAS tab open and with hopeful eyes glued to the screen, desperately waiting to hear something, anything. The endless surfing through Student Room threads proved to be useless and as soon as many of us started to give up, the offers and interviews started flooding in. Every day this week became a celebration for at least one of my peers and sharing the moment with some of them was a great joy. One of my friends actually received four offers in three days alone! The atmosphere has been extremely encouraging and we cannot wait to hear back from every university.

I also attended my first rehearsal of ‘Our House’, the joint musical production showcasing in late February. It was so great to see everything start to come together for the first time after auditions. The amount of effort and time Ms Mosley and Ms Russell are putting in is remarkable and their brilliant direction will most definitely result in the best musical this school has ever seen. After being a part of four school musicals I can safely say that show week is my favourite week in the whole year and I cannot wait until it comes along this year.

This week also hosted the first Amnesty International group started by a group of Senior Prefects in order to engage younger years with Sixth Form life and most importantly raise awareness and take action on human rights violations across the globe. It has been a great opportunity to meet new faces from lower school and help them become enthused about current affairs. It is great to see how many students are willing to give up their lunch breaks for good causes, something which we will be definitely seeing after half term during Children In Need week.