Lucy Needham | Sixthform Blog

Although UCAS seemed like a scary concept at the start of the year, it has been a lovely experience to celebrate with my friends as they have started to get offers this week! It really is so heart-warming to see everybody supporting each other and being proud of everyone’s achievements. After working on my own personal statement for around three months and producing a total of ten drafts, I was relieved to see it was finally signed off this week so now starts the anxious but exciting wait for university responses.

Half of Year 13 also took part in house bench ball this week which was some welcome, light-hearted fun for us all. As a House Captain for Astor, I must admit that house competitions bring out my competitive side but it’s great to see your house pull together as one and really work as a team. Unfortunately, Astor didn’t win this particular house competition but we’re proud to have come second.

As part of our English A Level, we are studying Macbeth and this week, we had the fantastic opportunity to go and see the film version at the Electric Theatre. The film produced a mixed response from my classmates who were torn as to whether they liked some of the peculiar artistic choices that were made! Nevertheless, it was really beneficial for us to see the play in a live, albeit cinematic, performance; nearly the way Shakespeare intended it to be experienced.