Kirmjeet Kaur Ghag | Sixthform Blog

The beginning of October always signals the start of autumn to me and as the new season has rung in this year I have had a chance to reflect on and appreciate the personal progress that I have achieved since I made the transition to Sixth Form in 2014. This opportunity presented itself primarily on Wednesday when I was asked to visit Mrs Wager alongside four others for a meeting where she informed us that we would be delivering speeches at the school’s upcoming Speech Day. This was an honour as Speech Day is always a prestigious event and the invitation to speak was in recognition of the great success that our social action project had achieved in Year 12!

I noticed the theme of reflection continuing on Wednesday as I had completed my first piece of History coursework and handing it gave me a great sense of pride and satisfaction because I could see my hard work creating a substantial end product. This feeling was reinforced when we were surprised with letters about an upcoming History trip to view Suffragette at the Electric Cinema as we had studied the changing position of women in Britain in Year 12 and had therefore been looking forward to viewing the film since it had been announced!

In addition to this, I was also able to visit the library at the University of Birmingham this week as the school has given us visitors’ passes to access the library’s resources for our EPQ work.  I have chosen to focus my EPQ on the impact of Sylvia Plath’s literature and I aim to produce a poetry response in respect of her literary legacy. Initially, I was a little daunted to visit the library as I knew that I would have to work alongside the students already there, however, I organised to meet with a student who used to attend our Sixth Form and is now at Birmingham which was a lovely experience as it gave us the chance to catch up whilst we finished our research reading over some hot chocolates!

Overall my week has been full of activity as I have been getting stuck into my A2 work this autumn term. I was grateful to be able to view how far I have improved in my own abilities since last year as I feel proud of my own successes and am now very excited to see what else my final year at Handsworth will bring!