Katie Evans | Sixthform Blog

After beginning this week wandering (somewhat aimlessly) across the Longmynd hills in Shropshire, I feel refreshed and ready to enter my second month as a Year 13 student. Our Biology field trip provided an excellent opportunity to put into practice the methods and techniques of ecology we have been learning about since the start of the year. However, most importantly it allowed me to spend a day enjoying the company of some of my closest friends whilst we tried to avoid looking too ridiculous as we attempted a test using barium sulphate powder whilst standing upwind on some of England’s largest heather moorland hills. It’s safe to say most of the powder did not end up in the test tube (thank goodness for safety goggles!). Everyone had a fantastic day and although it was obvious that some of our investigative skills needed the practice, it was clear that our photography skills were definitely of a high standard.

During this week of endings and new beginnings- as September gave way to October- I felt it was very appropriate that I also received the relieving news that my UCAS application was finally complete and had been sent off to my universities. It was the end of an era of counting characters and changing ‘amazing’ to ‘great’ to conserve those few letters I couldn’t possibly spare. I can now be proud of my achievements as I am confident that I have done my best and with the exceptional help of many members of staff in school I feel that I have produced an application worthy of a university place (I just hope the admissions tutors feel the same way!).