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International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day is celebrated each year on the 8th of March, millions of events take place all around the world to celebrate this inspirational day, the theme this year is Be Bold for Change, which means that men and women should be equal and we should all work together to achieve gender equality to help women and girls achieve their goals and ambitions in life so they can be whoever they want to be.

This is important to us because as of 2017 we are doing more and more to help women achieve, some of the important changes we have made over the last few years are the fact that we now have female astronauts and more female scientists and engineers, but we can still keep improving womens’ positions in the work industry, there is still a need for young women who studied Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering.

International Women’s Day celebrates women, whether they have made a stand and made a point about something which matters to them, or they have done something just as effective which means them taking a risk, one contributing factor towards why this is so important is because of the amount of women underestimated in the workplace, an example would be the misconception that women are meant to be ‘gentle’ and they are ‘suitable’ for certain jobs and they should only be doing a suitable job or looking after the children and making their husband’s dinner, there is also the issue of trust because phrases such as ‘I don’t trust a female doctor as much as a male doctor’ or ‘women can’t usually handle tough jobs like plumbing and engineering’ can still be heard?

We have many examples of inspirational women, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do our bit to help women achieve, some ways to get involved are finding out about females who are making a difference, such as female artists and musicians and make an effort to understand how they are making a difference, another way to get involved could be to share your story or someone else’s about gender stereotypes, inspirational women and events in your life which have been caused due to your gender, we need as many women and girls to make a change this year and in the future.

Could you be an Inspirational Woman of your generation?

Sophia and Emily (Year 8)