Hanako Lowry | Sixthform Blog

The first week of Year 13.  I think everyone felt a mixture of excitement, nervous anticipation of the work load and a comforting sense that we had already survived one year of what Sixth Form can throw at us. Upon arrival, those applying to university on the early deadline were asked to brandish their personal statements that had definitely been meticulously crafted over the summer holidays … After the initial shocking realisation – that we actually had to apply to university – everybody seemed to get stuck in. Juggling homework, personal statements and perhaps even EPQ research might have seemed impossible a year ago but Year 12 had definitely taught us the importance of time management.

Starting new topics in each of our subjects was also a refreshing change and with the time we’d had to recharge over the holidays, it was easy to immerse ourselves in topics as diverse as the Cold War, Aristotle’s Virtue Theory and New Historicism. Although we all knew that these first few months of Year 13 were going to be filled with UCAS appointments and personal statement drafting, it was liberating to be able to take control of our own learning. In English A Level for example, we are allowed to select our own texts for coursework. The most successful work comes from being passionate and engaged in what you are learning about. I think we could all see how Year 13 was going to be a great bridge from Sixth Form to university.