Garden Villages STEM Trip | Newsletter

An amazing experience for five of our year 7 girls who visited Bishop Challoner School to take part in a STEM Garden Villages event. They had to choose the best location for a village and factored in land cost, areas of interest and archaeological sites as well as marshland and access to transport links. Their final concept “Metchley Village” was well respected by the judges and they went on to win second prize at the event. More importantly they spoke to real working people in the industries or engineering, transport planning and archaeology.

Amrita “I thoroughly enjoyed making a garden village and it helped me realise that visions and ideas that I have can actually be used in real life. It also helped me learn how to think realistically and logically. Overall, the day was a massive learning experience!”

Ramisa “Overall the day was extremely fun but also highly informational, as I learnt lots about different careers to do with science, also how some things discussed there could impact us now. I had a great time working together as a team with people I don’t usually work with as we had all different ideas, and were able to come up with creative and practical ideas. In addition out hard team work paid off as we did come second overall which definitely a nice way to end the day.”

Nadia “I am very grateful for the opportunity to go on this D&T trip, as I learned a lot of new things about engineering and all the work and effort that is needed to make a garden village. Also, the help from the STEM team really helped my group and I to work to the best of our abilities and to see how we can improve certain features of our garden village. This trip gave me a better understanding of how important designers are actually are, as well as the importance of D&T in general.”