Future Voices | Newsletter

After months of planning from our English Department and Debate Societies, our first ever ‘Future Voices’ event was a huge success! The evening of the 30th January was a celebration of the spoken word and included keynote talks from past and current students on the issues that matter most to them. We were fortunate to have some very esteemed special guests, too. In the audience were members of the Rotary Club and members of the Professional Speakers Association.

After a pep talk from the professionals, the evening got underway.

Ex-student Sophia Badhan opened the evening by telling her incredible and motivational story of self-improvement which was then followed by a series of debates and speeches from our students. We explored all sorts of exciting topics during the evening- everything from how to save the environment to whether teachers should be replaced by computers! In the second half, students who had been voted as ‘best in class’ for their GCSE Spoken Language Endorsement treated us to some incredibly emotive and moving speeches.

The event was topped off with feedback from the professional speakers. Award-winning professional speaker, Michelle Mills-Porter updated her LinkedIn profile and said: “ The PSA were well represented last night at the first ever ‘ Future Voices’ event at KEVIHS. We were blown away by the quality of the speakers, the research put into the subjects, the entertaining debates, knowledge and intelligence displayed. I feel very proud to have been a part of this. Thank you!”

Hopefully, the event will run again next year and we look forward to inviting more speakers to take the stage!

Could you be the next future voice?