A warm welcome Thank you for showing interest in our school. Since 1883, and from the present magnificent buildings since 1911, students have gone on from a King Edward VI Handsworth education to take a key role as shapers of their world in Birmingham and beyond. We are very proud of our staff, students and governing body who are part of a close knit community who aspire to the highest standards in all that they do. As well as being high achievers academically, through a rich extra-curricular programme of activities and service, they develop as well-balanced young adults. We hope that you will wish to join our community, but reading about us is no substitute for visiting and seeing us in reality. As Governors and as members of the King Edward VI Academy Trust and Foundation we strive to ensure that this school remains at the centre of its community and is as accessible as possible to all who may benefit from the education we offer. King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls is a warm and welcoming school where the priority is always our students. This is a school in which the students are able to flourish academically and socially and be part of a rich, vibrant and diverse community. Education can, and does, transform lives and this school inspires the students to be curious learners, who are confident to think creatively, their actions underpinned by values of honesty, integrity and a sense of social justice. Our innovative teaching and learning encourages students to love learning and to value the many opportunities offered to develop a breadth of knowledge and understanding through a broad and balanced curriculum. We are a busy, caring and supportive school which values enjoyment, respect and honesty in all we do. A rich programme of extra-curricular provision provides chances for the students to develop outside of the classroom, particularly in skills of confidence, teamwork and leadership and active participation is encouraged. This is a school with a rich and vibrant history which is valued by all but our school is always outward looking and focused on the future, striving to develop students who will go on to enjoy careers where they can be at the forefront of leading change, be that big or small, but will always aim to be for the better. Our students are at the heart of all we do; our goal is to ensure that when students leave our school at the age of eighteen they do so with excellent academic success, a secure sense of identity, a respect, tolerance for and understanding of difference and diversity and as well being rounded, confident young people who are ready and able to embrace the challenges and opportunities of adult life. A Whittall Headmistress D J Wheeldon Chair of Governors