Extra Curricular Classroom | Newsletter

At the start of lockdown, the decision was made to create a Google classroom that all could enrol onto with a view that it could become a repository for ideas that members of staff or pupils had received for other pupils to browse through if they were bored or wanted inspiration for something different and also a safe space for pupils to share some of the things they were trying at home.

There are over 300 members of the group, made up of teachers and pupils.  The classroom has become mainly a showcase for baking and other cooked produce with some amazing creations being posted.

A small astronomical group also emerged with Miss Russell and Mr Trotter trading photos of the Moon and Venus, we also had picture from pupils of Venus and a video of the International Space Station going overhead while the Space X craft was about to dock.

Textiles and Art also seems to be an interest that several pupils decided to try, from skirts for sisters to knitting and trying out new sewing machines. A chance to fashion new things from old items led to a great Wand and a magic square puzzle among others.

The Staff also created a “toilet roll challenge” where many different examples of passing a toilet roll from right to left were filmed in an imaginative way are edited together, the pupils were challenged to respond with one of their own and we had a couple of entries from year 10.

Mr Trotter