Excellent GCSE Results at King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls | Press Release

Students at King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls have achieved another excellent set of GCSE results, with 67% of all grades awarded being A* or A. Nearly 30% of grades were awarded at the highest grade of A*.

Four girls each achieved a minimum of 11 A* grades – Hannah Conod, Poppy Gordon, Grace Murray and Jugan Sahota – with a further six students achieving at least 10 A*s – Laurice Conod, Rupinder Dulay, Lubna Jameel, Joelle Nana Kuindja, Lokti Spyrou-Kirby and Shivani Suthar. Nearly a quarter of girls (31 students) gained A* or A grades in all the subjects they entered; and nearly half of the year group achieved a benchmark of 9 or more A*/A grades.


Acting Headmistress Miss Clare Berry said, “We congratulate all the girls on their achievements, and thank all the staff for their encouragement. As always, there are eye-catching results in terms of A* grades, but headline figures always mask the personal stories – girls who have persevered with their studies despite bereavement or learning difficulties – and we are so proud of all our girls. All of them go on to study for A-levels, where performance is also high.”