Economics Extra Curricular | Newsletter

Some of our economists attended online lectures in March, organised by ‘The Economics and Business Society’ at KES. The first lecture was about the future of economic policy making after the pandemic delivered by the inspirational Professor Fender, Emeritus Professor of Macroeconomics, University of Birmingham.  It was a relevant and insightful talk that allowed us to understand some of the impacts of future policy making and experience a university style lecture.

‘‘The lecture hosted by Sir Charles Bean was especially informative and it was engaging to hear from a former Deputy Governor for Monetary Policy at the Bank of England. It was interesting to hear that Economic models are not always accurate and so, in order to avoid another financial crisis like that of 2008, we have to study and understand what truly happened so that we don’t make the sam mistakes in the future.’’    Sadiyah

Since attending these lectures, I decided to introduce a Business and Economics Society at our school. It is for those students who want to increase their commercial and economic awareness and discuss topics like future policy making which will impact on us all.     Eleanor

As an economics student I think it was especially interesting to hear how what I study about could apply to our current situation.  I was able to see how policies that we learn about could help in the economy.  One thing I also found interesting was when Sir Charles Bean explained the effects, not just economically but socially.  He talked about how people may rely on technology more for meetings and calls as it is easily accessible and also mentioned how firms may have potentially become more efficient having to overcome the difficult situation which is good for the long term.  Jumaimah

I was personally very inspired by the talk by Sir Charles Bean, it was very informative and engaging and encouraged me to look further into economics beyond the depths of A level. I found it particularly interesting how he spoke of the events of the current day, as we can relate and understand as to why the UK economy is what it is today and what will potentially happen in the future.   Vahreena