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A home in Handsworth…

Roshni Birmingham is a charity, devoted to offering  support for South Asian women  and their children who have experienced any form of domestic violence, forced marriage or honour based crimes. As a women’s refuge, based in Handsworth,  Roshni prides itself in providing safe, emergency accommodation for women and their children. It is also one of the many worthwhile charities that Children in Need continues to make a difference to.

Currently, Roshni are helping many women, along with their children, providing both emotional and language support. Some women may come from as far as London to try and escape the horrific situation they are in and are eligible to stay at Roshni for a six-month period. Some women are fortunate enough to be re-housed within three-four months and build a new life for themselves and their children.  Usually, there are around nine families seeking refuge with Roshni, however they are able to help around thirteen at any one time and provide a safe place for them to stay while they find their feet.

Children’s workers work five days a week at the refuge, and they play a huge role in developing the independence of the mothers and providing basic education for the children. The educational support provided by Roshi is extremely valuable to both the children and their mothers. As the families try to carry on as normal through such a difficult period,  the children may lose out on education, which is something that Roshni aims to prevent and therefore intervenes, giving these families a helping hand. Previously, Roshni only provided play sessions, but now the children’s sessions are far more educationally focused, to ensure that the children don’t fall behind, importantly ready to start a new school at some point.The children’s support workers also allow assist mothers when dealing with important tasks , such as applying for housing, in order to help them on the path towards  a better and more positive future.

Despite the fact that not all the children who come to Roshni may have experienced the same abuse that their mothers’ have, they will likely have been indirectly affected and are the so-called ‘silent victims’ of abuse, domestic violence or honour crimes. Around ninety-nine percent of the young children at Roshni have seen or heard the abuse their mothers’ have endured , therefore  Roshni feel it is extremely important to tackle these lasting effects, as a result of this  possible trauma. This is yet another reason as to why the help from the support workers is crucial, because they are able to encourage the children to engage and gain vital confidence.

The oldest child currently at Roshni is only six years old and Roshni must be able to cater for children of all ages, from newborns to eighteen-year olds. In order to help the children, live as normal a life as possible while at the refuge, it is important that they enjoy days out and are able to play and enjoy the freedom that other children do. Previously, thanks to the funding provided by Children In Need, they have enjoyed trips to Blackpool, the cinema and Handsworth Park. However, it is not completely safe, with mothers worried about leaving the refuge and venturing out into the public. . Therefore, Roshni is now aiming to secure funding for play equipment in the small back garden that they have, which will allow the children to play within the safety of Roshni.

Ultimately, Children In Need stepped in as the funding received from Birmingham City Council is limited. This funding was intended for three years, but will run out in March 2018. Over the past few years, Children In Need have already been able to offer funding towards the children’s worker’s salary, the trips and training for support staff at Roshni, as well as a small sensory garden area for the children while they are spending their time at Roshni.

Roshni is an amazing example of how the money  raised at school for Children In Need really does help children who are less fortunate . Roshni allows these children, as well as their mothers, to have a safe home for a small time  hopefully beginning  a new life, away from the monstrosities that they have suffered previously, at the hands of others. Two year thirteen students will be beginning their volunteering with Roshni soon and will be involved in helping the children’s workers to create and carry out activities with the children, with the goal to engage them in activities that allow them to have fun and make positive changes in their lives.

It is crucial that Roshni, as well as other charities that are in the same position, continue to receive funding, to allow these families  a to regain their independence and most importantly, feel safe and happy again. It is undeniable that the fundraising done  in school can have incredible effects ,some of these on people that are in fact ,right on our doorstep.

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