Former pupils can offer invaluable, relevant, current and professional assistance to our current students in these decisions. As such we have teamed up with Future First.

Future First helps King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls stay in touch with their former students in order to create an ‘alumni network’. The school, former students and the young people who are still there could all benefit from staying connected.

King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls welcomes support from the alumni network. It may well be years since you left school, but the things you have learnt since you left and the career path you have taken are of great interest to the staff and students who are here now. King Edward VI Handsworth might know which university you planned to go to, or which industry you hoped to work in, but it’s unlikely we know more about what you’ve been up to since you left – we want that to change. So get back in touch:


The Future

The careers programme at King Edward VI Handsworth is fluid and under constant review.  If parents feel they could support it in any way please let us know!

Further Information.

There are a range of resources available here on our school website to assist students, parents and teachers with their quest into the world of work

For more information, contact the Careers Coordinator at: